M for Me, the Manipulator

A quick post. Just to show that I’m still about. Well …. not really about, anymore. Isolated, in fact. It’s for the good of everyone.

I did some more eavesdropping on Ms Matthews again and borrowed her M.


There’s an M in manipulate

Can’t you see?

And that is what I’m doing

The M stands for me

I saw you at the party

You saw me too

So I had no choice

But to manipulate you

I wanted you to like me

I wanted you to see

M stands for motivation

And you motivate me

I can sense your hesitation

I can see you try to hide

But M is just a moment

So spend this moment by my side.


Then gee (G) …. looking at it again, I also thought (feared), that …

C is for creepy

I don’t know mean to B

A’s an apology

For U from me

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