A stark warning about heavy drinking

Or even light drinking, for that matter. At times like these it certainly tempting, and I’m not trying to discourage it. Dive in. I’m right behind you.

But here’s the thing. Turn off your computer first. Hide all iPads, phones and even pens or pencils. By all means discard all of your inhibitions and clothing. BUT. No matter how passionate or playful you might be feeling DO NOT PUBLISH ANYTHING.

Here on your own site is ok, I suppose. You can delete it in the morning along with any incriminating photos that may have been taken during the night as you are cleaning up all the empty bottles and discarded underwear. BUT DO NOT PUBLISH IT ANYWHERE WHERE IT TAKES ON A LIFE OF ITS OWN BEYOND YOUR CONTROL. Once you push the thing under with the ‘submit’ button you never know where it might come up for air.

You are already guessing that I did it. That’s true. And I have zero memory of doing so and certainly no idea why, of all things, I chose to use this thing (I cannot,with a straight face, refer to it as a poem).

But Here it is. They supplied the photo.

Who are these people? I feel indebted to them (thanks Spillwords! I genuinely love you) …. but I question their taste.

Anyway. You have been warned.

12 thoughts on “A stark warning about heavy drinking

  1. Holy [bleep]. That’s… wow!! I gave it a solid 5-stars. It’s religious, it involves vomit, and it has the doctor of love. I love it!! Oh my gosh!!


      1. Not exactly, it’s just the buildup made it seemed that way but I don’t think it was. There is a blogger who writes uncomfortable (for me) posts sometimes but that’s their thing. Everyone doing their own thing is important.


  2. you are surely a child of the 50s–it’s got a great beat and you could dance to this. I LOVE it.
    It really sounds like rock and roll, and I can just see Little Richard belting this out on his piano…


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