Mr Ed and Terrible Poetry

You can find a link to Chelsea’s terrible poetry competition Here

I really don’t know if I’ve got the idea right (write?) but I think I can claim with some confidence to be undeniably terrible.

I don’t know why I mixed up Shakespearean quotations with the theme song from Mr Ed. But I did.

Beware the Ides of March, my dear

With feelings foul for you I fear

Beware the frauds, the fools, the fakes

When light through yonder window breaks

The Ides they come and come what may

Compare thee to a summer’s day

Though no such day will yet prevent

The winter of our discontent

There will be blood, you may be sure

Cry havoc! Let slip the dogs of war!

And there within the maelstrom see

Lord! What fools these mortals be

Lend me your ears. Allay you’re fears

The rider of the storm, he nears

My kingdom for a bloody horse

For a horse is a horse. Of course. Of course.

21 thoughts on “Mr Ed and Terrible Poetry

  1. I have to agree with Meg and Nan, this is an amazing poem! Wonderful idea to blend the two …

    Doubt you will win as it has such a magic rhyme and rhythm … terribly delightful old chap 🙂


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