Loves Lost at Sea





I have very few thoughts of my own. What little inspiration comes to me comes from the words of others and, most frequently, from you people. And believe me – you are ALL inspiring, for one reason or another. I can rarely summon more than snide comments upon other people’s posts and that is normally where they remain. Now and again I repost some of these comments not to draw attention to myself but rather to draw attention to thier origins.

In this instance I wish to draw your attention to Cyranny

Most of you, of course, are well aware of her talents already.

My response takes on a more melencholy tone than does hers as well as the nautical theme. And a few mixed metaphors, perhaps. Such is my mood.


Lend me your arm

Let me share in your calm

Will you shelter me during the night?

Lend me your hand

And please understand

That what’s wrong, may one day be right

Touch me again

In the wind and the rain

As the waves wash over our past

Let me mould with your form

As we weather the storm

As together we cling to the mast

What was over can start

If you lend me your heart

When again we catch sight of the land

When our ship comes to shore

You will love me once more

And together we’ll sleep on the sand

7 thoughts on “Loves Lost at Sea

  1. Dear Brutus, thank you for the shout out and the most lovely answer to my little poem! It always amazes me how humble you are about your amazing way with words…. I agree with Cheryl, we need more of your work 🙂 I am definately a fan!


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