I’m just looking. I promise I won’t touch.

I was (somewhat mysteriously) reminded of a response I made quite some time ago to a post of Stella’s within which she confessed to a lifelong habit of staring at other people’s backsides. It seemed like the right opportunity to say something highly inappropriate and sexist by repeating it (and blaming someone else).

So here goes ….

A glance at a bottom
A peek at a breast
A life’s dedication
A personal quest
It’s no competition
It’s no sort of test
I treat them all equally
But I like yours the best

I read somewhere, by the way, that the average man will spend one year of his life staring at women. That sounds like quite a short life, to me.

18 thoughts on “I’m just looking. I promise I won’t touch.

    1. Not this time, alas. Why is it that the most positive feedback comes with a negative result. One judge actually claimed to have read it 3 times looking for something that could be improved and could find nothing. …… “. {1943} This is an exceptional story, written with a beautiful tone of sweetness and sadness. You writing is exquisite.”

      I suppose I should take something from that ….


  1. Haha lol I like it!:) you know I love the natural instinct of a man to look at a woman! Is that wrong of me?:) Thank you so much for mentioning me and making me smile.


      1. She was always too good for me (as are they all) I am genuinely sorry to hear that, though.
        Strangely I learned today that an old friend of mine, who has been battling the odds, has only weeks left in her. Her partner (one of my oldest and dearest pals) is nursing her at home as she refuses to go anywhere else. Meanwhile I am in a hotel room overlooking Waikiki in ill-deserved good health – I feel irrelevant and useless.
        All the best to and to your mum.

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  2. aguycalledbloke

    Only a year? i might tend to disagree with that, but then they have compacted it all together, l mean how do they even equate that? especially when men from age of 14 – who knows 100 are supposed to be of sex 7 times a minutes or something wild.


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