I was boring you all recently with my promotion of (old) Australian cinema. It started with a thought about Richard Roxburgh that led to Doing Time for Patsy Cline

Now …. also featuring in that movie was Miranda Otto, so I can continue the 3 degrees of separation thing by commending Bliss, featuring Barry Otto, Miranda’s dad.

When it screened at Cannes about half the audience walked out, apparently … so I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But I think it’s a classic. So there.

As an aside – I was watching a game of cricket some time ago. It was a fairly high level thing and drew something of a crowd. One of the bowlers was getting the better of one of the batsmen. Heated words and threats of violence were being exchanged. Just at that moment someone beside me drew attention to a rather strange looking individual behind me who was taking special interest in the altercation. “Hey,” this person said, “there’s a guy behind you that thinks he’s Barry Otto”.

So I turned to look. “That IS Barry Otto.” I was able to report.

The batsman who was about to be dismissed was my son. The bowler who was about to win the day was Barry’s son, Miranda’s brother.

My son went on (briefly) with professional sport. I don’t know what Barry’s son did. So there.

Bliss is a book by Peter Carey, by the way. I commend that to you as well.

13 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. I loved Bliss so I can’t understand anyone walking out on it … thought it was ahead of its time!

    So you’re the father of Ricky Ponting … didn’t know I had a famous brother pops you kept that from me 😦


  2. Well, this sure seems like an interesting movie… I like the description on the IMDB page of the movie: “After a near-death experience, a man wonders if he actually did die and is now in Hell.” Very intriguing… Thank you for sharing 🙂


      1. You might not believe me, but I did watch Bliss tonight, and I want to thank you again for introducing me to this story!

        It is definately the kind of movie I enjoy. I just finished watching it a couple of minutes ago, and I don’t know quite what to say about it, just yet. It left me a bit confused, and it means that it provoked something in me.

        I am not super familiar with Australian humor, but I loved the mix of drama and humour noir… Two hours well spent!

        Oh, and whatever you have in common with Harry, I sure hope an elephant hasn’t or won’t sit on your car! LOL


  3. I found a love of Richard Roxbourg and wondered if you watched his YouTube interview talking of his new children’s book and the comraderie of the Rake cast. I was sorry to see it end.


  4. Oh this post! I watched the clip and it brought tears to my eyes! I love honey, and if I kept bees 🐝, a love letter that takes seven years to arrive is most beautiful!:)🌺🐝 So wonderful


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