Another Ode to failure


I’m old and swollen

Cold and tired



Life pulled away

Was pushed for time

Each day I’m drifting past

My prime

I miss the boat

Each night she sails

And as I float

My vision fails

I barely breathe

I dare not think

I pray to God

Please let me sink


Originally this was inspired by Kate here but I do tend to take a rather less optimistic view of things than does my estranged daughter, so I thought it more polite to post it separately – rather than detract from the sunny disposition reflected in her own poetry.

17 thoughts on “Another Ode to failure

  1. aguycalledbloke

    I found this a dark yet fascinating read, and well expressed. Having been here a few times in my life, that was very nicely penned indeed.


  2. This reminds me of my father’s poetry. He had a gift for seeing the world through grey glasses. Sometimes his view was spot on, but sometimes he was just depressed. As a child, sometimes, it was hard to see the difference. I came to see your blog because of the face on your posts, lovely and historic and full of stories…


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