Signs of life down under.

The above photograph was recently posted locally in celebration of women’s advancement in traditionally male-dominated sports and illustrates the incredible athleticism displayed by those at the elite level.

Those of you who, like me, may have kicked the odd football in years gone by, would recognise this as an absolute text-book example of what coaches are looking for and used to scream about us at. And if you are over the age of 35 I strongly advise you not to try this at home – it is, I assure you, not as easy as she makes it look.

Unfortunately the publication of the photograph gave birth to a tide of trolls (sad little men in front of computers making wired love to other sad little men in front of computers) – I will not repeat the vile things that were said. The result was that the photograph was taken down. Literally millions of inappropriate comments were erased.

BUT …. Tayla Harris herself, the footballer concerned (it might pay to remember that name, by the way), chose to put the photo back up. “This is a picture of me at work,” she said, simply.

The network that had removed the image also put it back up, acknowledging that to have removed it in the first place was to send the wrong message.

And the support for Tayla Harris – from other elite athletes, from football fans, and from the world in general, has been tumultuous.

It is a happy day.

And …. for those of you interested in the important stuff …. I can report that the football that has already departed from the picture above came back to earth between the goal posts 50 metres away. Exactly where she had intended it to do so.

It’s not a one-off either ….

10 thoughts on “Signs of life down under.

      1. In my chosen form of the game it was, in fact, quite important to put the ball over the sideline, sometimes. I just wish, sometimes, that I could have made it do it a little further from me. If I could have kicked as well as Tayla then things might have been very different for me.

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  1. And sadly those trolls were joined and encouraged by MALE AFL players … what does that say about sportsmanship ..?@&^%$
    Scared of strong fit women! Grow up boys


    1. Fairly second-rate MALE AFL players, from what I can gather (not that that should matter, and not that I really know anything about AFL), but I think the vast majority have weighed in with their support.


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