We don’t do spring break

We don’t do Spring Break here in Oz. We take breaks whenever we feel like it, instead.

But, having posted absolutely nothing over the last few months and inspired (as usual) by others – in this case by J-dubs, I thought I would add a little pic from long long ago that features my very long term (and long-suffering) partner in life in her natural state (so to speak).

The picture was taken before we had met, in fact, but it captures a cheerful positivity mixed with a healthy cynicism that I have long treasured.

The picture itself also captures the playfulness of young women in general, when they are relieved of the burden of expectations from their elders as well as the restrictions of self-consciousness placed upon them when too many boys are around.

Technically it is not a particularly good photo, I suppose – and it has faded with time – two facts that make it all the more endearing for me.

15 thoughts on “We don’t do spring break

      1. I wish I was joking or exaggerating. But sadly no. It think it’s a gift some people don’t have naturally.

        Well the picture is beautiful and your observation is on point. There is happiness and sense of freedom in this picture.


  1. We don’t do Spring Break in the UK either. I think it’s because we’re either in a permanent state of winter or we just have no idea what the fuck the seasons are doing anymore.


  2. This reminds me of a trip I made to the Snowy Mountains when about the age of the girls in the photo. I too have a beanie my mum knitted for me, oh so long ago.


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