December 17

Everybody I know is very excited about this year’s December 17. Last year the day was an absolute fizzer and I simply cannot allow that to happen again. All sorts of gift ideas have been popping up in my feed and I am still open to those ideas, of course, but Kate’s suggestion of poetry seems the most appropriate.

So I am gathering together a collection of poems as a celebration of the special day. December 17 and I both have a short attention span so these contributions should be brief and come in any form that appeals to the writer. I am not a big one for stifling creative minds by over direction so there is no real theme. Anything that would tickle the fancy of December 17 will be perfect.

My pal, Rugby843, notes that it is a day to tell someone that you love them … so run with that idea if you like (and you don’t even have to mean it).

It doesn’t even have to be poetry, really … it might be a drawing or a photo …. or anything at all, in fact. The celebration of December 17 should be an expression of artistic freedom – and of freedom in general.

I have no idea of what to do with any contributions, mind you. I don’t really know how they should be presented. Any suggestions in that regard would also be most welcome.

24 thoughts on “December 17

  1. maybe a bit like my Friday Foto Fun … do a post on that day that we all link to and then we can read each others links or maybe even post our contributions in your comments section of that Fab December day!


      1. Dear Sir Richmond Road, I assume December 17, being tomorrow in these parts, the day is ready to be celebrated? I have a small anthology of poems in celebration of the day. I shall publish them on my blog as one post and link to you. I hope this will be satisfactory.


    1. A contribution would be lovely Sandra.
      As for the particular significance of December 17? …. the point I am (perhaps clumsily) trying to make is that is just as significant, just as important, just as newsworthy as any other day. One should not just skim over it anticipating other 24hr slices of time (such as the one 8 days later). So I am raising my glass to December 17 – but it could just as easily been any other day.

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