Romantically Foolish

I read a poem from Rory last night HERE which I found very moving entitled ‘Foolishly Romantic’. I have not reblogged it. You have probably already seen it, for he has a far wider readership than do I. If you haven’t read it then, of course, I commend it to you.

It is a very honest piece and I think it is supposed to be about his perceived shortcomings and failings (at the time … I note that it was written some years ago). In the end, though, I think it is about being human.

I was reminded, for some reason, of a quote from Kurt Vonnegut who says,

Kurt Vonnegut

“When a couple has an argument nowadays they may think it s about money or power or sex or how to raise the kids or whatever. What they’re really saying to each other, though without realizing it, is this: “You are not enough people!”

I take that to mean that, no matter how much you love someone, and no matter how much they love you, you will never be everything – so you will never be quite enough.

Anyway, this is a long winded way of saying that I responded to Rory, because I was moved and because I could not let it pass without response.
And because much of my own foolishness is the symptom of an overly romantic perspective.
I hope it says something to someone.
This is what I said; (the semi colon is for Judy54)

The sun descends
Behind a cloud
My thoughts of you
I share aloud
In whispers to
I know not where
Pretending that
You are still there
For in my thoughts
I give you life
And you will always be
My wife
However foolish
Be my dreams
I am a fool for love
It seems.

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