Crashing and Burning. Maybe I should get out of here.

My form in writing competitions remains consistent

part 2 of Challenge 1 in this year’s NYC Midnight scored one more point for me than did part 1 (which scored zero) giving me a total of 1 point out of a possible total of 30 (which one cad did score. I despise him).

the challenge (1000 words) required a drama set in a hotel bar featuring a toy gun

so …. for anyone who is really bored (really, really bored)






12 thoughts on “Crashing and Burning. Maybe I should get out of here.

  1. well written I like it, poor beggar being jumped like that … can imagine you doing that, just walking away from the drama you created judging the poor blokes parenting skills …


  2. My kind of humour – tragic yet farcical. I love how laconic the narrator is about the whole thing, and how awkward at doling out sympathy (though nice that he tries, at least making him a well-meaning sociopath).


  3. Except for an excess of short sentences (semi colons, think semi colons and commas) this is way beyond boring. It’s visual, graphic, slice-of-life, good twist at the end. What the hell are you fussing about?

    Reminds me a bit of Mickey Spillane…


    1. You may have a point there but I despise semi colons. The feedback came from the judges this morning and they are in your camp with that I think, though. My previous efforts have been showered, to some degree, with praise ( but still scoring few points) and in this case the judges have been universally damning. Perhaps I should start taking notice.


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