Nano so far

This is my kitchen table. Five minutes ago.

I had planned to write 2000 words a day for Nano. And then I thought …. “Hey, why not invite 15 people to dinner tomorrow night?”

So, at least I’ve set the table. There is the minor matter of cooking to attend to. And eating. And there might be some drinking.

A lot of writing suddenly seems unlikely.

26 thoughts on “Nano so far

  1. Fifteen people? Plus yourself? But there are only eleven places set and one of those doesn’t even have a plate… There also appear to be considerably more wine glasses than should be necessary (and not enough beer glasses).


    1. There is another table. And no, there are precisely the right balance of glassware – though the champagne glasses are not in view. I am a big supporter of beer drinking, but it will not feature strongly on this particular occasion.


  2. fifteen, that’s breaking with the oz tradition of even numbers … pairing off the singles with people they’d never normally associate with … but as far as distraction tactics go I’d give you 9/10 … and tomorrow you will be cleaning up and recovering, another successful distraction … you are a real artist at this craft 😉


      1. now come on Brutus you can’t tell me you had a team of ruggers sit at a table with wine glasses … that would be a barbie and keg deal in the back yard, I didn’t come down in the last shower!


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