Who am I

Come sit with me

Who am I but sad illusion

Self-important self delusion

Self-defensive trickery

Betrayed by bouts of honesty

Who am I but blood and bone

Amongst the crowd, yet all alone

Terrified of self-detection

Retreating from my own reflection

But who am I but what you see

A caricature of what is me

A creature of my own design

A shadow that you see of mine

So who am I but who I am

A simple child, a simple man

I know you see beneath the mask

If not you may feel free to ask

17 thoughts on “Who am I

      1. Sure, sure. However, my humble opinion is not aligned with yours, and since they say that the beauty is stuck in the eye of the beholder and not the other way around, I hope you will allow me to keep it.

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  1. You wear a mask
    but we all do
    just more honest
    than most of who
    come here to share
    success and losses
    hoping to be read
    and not be tossed…
    They look you in the eyes
    but they don’t know
    what they really want
    is to look at your shadow!

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