Please don’t read the signs.


100 word Wednesday

Here’s  50 words.

Read them twice.



The signs provide alternatives

Preying on your fear

Suggesting new directions

To questions still unclear

Nothing that is tangible

Nothing that is near

Directing you to anywhere

Anywhere but here

But I … too old to ponder

Another course to steer

Will find instead a quiet place

To have another beer

17 thoughts on “Please don’t read the signs.

    1. What are you talking about? I specialise in trite.
      But if you read my stuff a few times over and pause occasionally to say, “hmmm …. yes …. interesting … and almost insightful”, it provides a certain sense of gravity that is entirely unwarranted but ravenously appreciated by the author.


  1. I read the words, then read them in reverse, hoping to find a secret meaning or message. I won’t tell you if I found one or not, because then it wouldn’t be a secret. 😯
    Oh, I read the signs, too. Sorry.


  2. Signs, when you
    stop to think about it,
    are just a whispered
    advice, along your trip…
    For, anytime
    along the way,
    you might get lost
    or go astray.
    So when you leave
    stay open minded
    travel safely and
    journey blind!



  3. What I like is not the signs in the photo but the guy squatting down taking a photo (I assume?) of the lady with the tree growing out of her head!! Anyone game to try captions? Or even a dialogue between the two people concerned? Huge fun could ensue …?!


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