Message in the sand

I owe thanks to my sensitive friend Stoner who gave birth to the idea of a message in the sand for me. I doubt that I do the idea justice.

I wrote a message for you in the sand when the tide was low.

Knowing that it would be erased, like memory, with the passage of time.

Speaking to you of things that could not be spoken

and yet I wondered if you might somehow hear it carried by the sea breeze that passed overhead on the endless journey towards the centre of everything.


I watched as the waves completed the relentless voyage across the oceans. Each with a message of its own.

Forever. Forever. Forever.

Every advance still closer before retreating, exhausted, back into the void.

The gentle invasion eventually eroding my carefully chosen words.

Letter by letter.

Until all was as it had been.

The grains carefully rearranged to conceal their secret.

Thursday photo prompt …. a bit late

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