Not all is lost #disaster #all is not lost

99 word challenge from carrot ranch

Not all is lost,” he said to himself, surveying the wreckage of the relationship.

She had left her umbrella behind.

And he would use it, if need be, to fight off further frosty winter downpours of fabricated love, of pre-meditated lust, of rehearsed emotion.

On the bedside table there remained a picture of her, smiling suspiciously into the future. He took pleasure in ripping it from its frame and tearing it into tiny pieces, allowing the fragments to fall, like confetti, onto the floor. Good riddance.

He loved her, of course. But she was gone. And it was raining.

6 thoughts on “Not all is lost #disaster #all is not lost

  1. From what I’ve read so far … since following your blog … not only do you have an above-average perspective on life, but your way of expressing it is AMAZING!


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