Possibilities? Forget it.

Word of the Day – possibilities

Do you believe in the Big Bang Theory? I’m not talking about the infantile and incredibly irritating television show, to be clear.

I’m no scientist but it seems to me that if everything originated from that singularity ( I mean everything) then everything can be traced back to it.

I just had a glass of water. Why? I was thirsty. Why was I thirsty? Because it’s been a hot day. Why has it been a hot day? Well … this time of year the planet’s relative position to the sun ….. blah, blah, blah, blah, why? why? why? why?

Answer: The Big Bang. You can save a lot of time with those endless kids questions by skipping straight to this at the first mention of the word ‘why’.

Let’s look at it from the other direction. Let’s start at the Big Bang.

Kapow! Light and matter come into existence. One bit of matter hits another bit of matter and then there’s little collisions everywhere. Cause and effect. Cause and effect. Cause and effect. So everyone of these little incidents through the eons leads to a hot day after which I poured myself a glass of water. Along the way planets were formed, species were developed, Kings married Queens, and so on. I delude myself that it is my decision whether or not to drink the glass of water. Rubbish. The events leading up to the inevitability of me drinking the water were set in motion at the Big Bang.

So …… there are no possibilities. There aren’t even any probabilities. Everything is a certainty. If I could feed the whole thing into some sort of super computer I could tell you in advance what colour socks you are going to wear tomorrow (blue, by the way). But, then again, if I was in a position to predict everyone’s sock colour then I should have been in a position to predict that I could predict everyone’s sock colour. I admit that it can all get a bit confusing. But so it was always meant to be. And it is possible that, in an act of civil disobedience, you choose to defy me and pick another sock colour. Have I changed the course of history by making predictions about it? No. That was always going to happen.

I think I might have spoken about this all before. I’m sorry that I am so fucking boring. And predictable.

And if you find all of this a bit depressing then let me assure you that it can get worse. Do a google search for ‘Big Bang Theory’. The first five pages will mention nothing about the nature of reality. All they will want to talk about is that fucking stupid television show.

But maybe that, in itself, is an observation upon the nature of reality.

24 thoughts on “Possibilities? Forget it.

  1. lol … your philosophy expounded is about as dead boring as said TV program … which I’ve never watched! NO possibilities and NO probabilities … sounds like good grounds to end it all now?


  2. somehow your responses are not coming thru the cyber space …

    Those people were sheeple, they had a choice but they had allowed themselves to be indoctrinated. Mass hysteria is potent and that’s what today’s propaganda relies on also, along with fear, hatred, etc .. 😦

    Optimism is a counter balance … 🙂


    1. If you are missing any of my messages then you are not missing much. But I would say that accepting that everything is pre-ordained and that self determination is an illusion is not a practical approach to life. One is better off continuing to think that free choice exists. Even if it doesn’t.


      1. as I believe in karma I agree to a point but then we have a choice at some stage eg whether I wear the blue socks you told me to or go barefoot as usual!
        We can always make a choice to change how we react, what we think … there are choices all the way and how we act and speak now impacts later … what goes down comes round 🙂


      2. As I say …. that choice may be an illusion. If you do go barefoot tomorrow that will be a ‘decision’ you make. But why will you make that decision? Can you not concede that all events prior to you making that decision had influenced it? Logically then, if you work backwards, your decision to go barefoot could have been predicted at the instant of the Big Bang.

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  3. Then again it might be time to go out on a further limb and buy socks. Period.

    I get your point, which is, there is no point to anything, and you do express it nicely. But, then, you knew that.


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