Pretty Pictures

I like looking at photos. Perhaps, in the fading light, I can no longer see all the words, but an image still grabs my attention. I have, this very morning, set up an Instagram account (I don’t really know what to do with it, there’s no pictures on it yet, so don’t bother checking) and I was wondering who of you like-minded souls might have an account that I may follow ….. to look at your pretty pictures and maybe understand you better.

On the other hand, maybe WordPress is just as good as a platform for the same purpose. I don’t know. I don’t know much about anything else either, so I need all the advise I can get.

8 thoughts on “Pretty Pictures

  1. Very interesting choice of picture, there… I would have liked to think it was intended to catch my eye, but I know it is just a coincidence.

    I have an Instagram account, but I doubt you’ll find anything interesting there…


  2. I have an instagram account as well. I don’t post much there… but I’ve been thinking of using it more. I’ll have to find some excitement in my life so it’s not utterly boring. The name is, of course, whatsandrathinks


  3. I took the plunge not too long ago. I occasionally share my short poems set against the backdrop of a pretty and/or relevant picture. So my posts are still pretty wordy, and might not suit your tired old eyes.

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