Infidelity 2



I’m not sure why this delicate subject matter keeps creeping into my thoughts. Perhaps I am on some sort of guilt trip from a former life….



I can hold a smile
For a while
And pretend
It’s how I feel
But you and I
Cannot deny
The pretence is not real
We lie to make it meaningful
We lie, we cheat, we steal
We lie about emotions
Emotions we don’t feel
We lie just for the hell of it
We lie about the crime
But darling let’s not dwell on it
Let’s lie here one more time.





7 thoughts on “Infidelity 2

  1. Since the very beginning,
    you’ve been feeding me
    lies, like cherries…

    But to tell you the truth,
    I am still starving for sweetness…
    Bring on your salty toffees!

    Sorry, I am no match, but it is fun to try your poem-comment habit 🙂 xx


      1. Can’t you? I thought it was something of an open book. But I am beginning to realise that whatever I write tends to be more about the ‘feel’ than the content and I think that might explain my consistent failures with prose. I focus far too much on the flow of the words rather than the story itself and, quite frankly, my own stories bore me. I can hardly complain when they have the same impact on others.

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      2. I think I am pretty good at reading people, but I tend not to try anymore… Some people don’t enjoy that (being mind read)… Plus, I like people telling me about themselves when they want to 🙂


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