M is for dickheads

A to Z challenge

I haven’t been participating in this fine challenge. But got out of bed on the wrong side this morning to find that our elected leaders had pooled their combined IQs and still decided to respond to violence with violence. Because it’s worked so well in the past, I suppose.

M, as usual

All about money

Drop a rock on Syria

Twitter like it’s funny

M, for maturity

Expected from the leaders

Who never admit to talking shit

Addressing bottom feeders

M, for masturbation

Within the pentagon

It must feel kinda special

With the kinda stuff they’re on

M, it stands for murder

And does in any frame

Puff out your chest and do it

But don’t do it in my name.

4 thoughts on “M is for dickheads

  1. I am not one to talk politics but I must say I found this whole piece nice and real. No fluff which is refreshing.

    M is for masses often misinformed of the massive mutilation that money does to ones mind.

    Just thought I’d add my completely uneducated two cents into the fountain.


  2. I like this. I too woke up irritated my the strikes. They’re counterproductive and never work yet apparently they’re the answer. Never mind that Trump more or less warned Russia, who most likely got the hell out of dodge rendering the entire thing a stage show. Sigh.


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