Taking solace in beer

Another piece of poor poetry in very questionable taste but borne of very specific prompts.

For Michael

I questioned of the oracle

Where should I stash my beer?

The answer was a whisper

That I could barely hear

I have issues with my auricle

A problem with my ear

If you wish to pass a message

You need to stand quite near

The beer, I drink it daily

Whenever I am bored

And for all the visitors

I accumulate a hoard

There’s always people popping ‘round

Sometimes quite a horde

My wife’s proved very popular

Since she has been whored

Saturday Mix

6 thoughts on “Taking solace in beer

    1. Oh dear Eleanor …. I think we reside in different centuries.
      My claim to fame (last century) was writing the lyrics for a song by ‘Radio Birdman’ (I bet they are a mystery to you!) but now I have a fantasy of being done by Nouvelle Vague. Fat chance.

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