Take my breath

I wrote this for my pal Cyranny. I bother her a bit with silly rhymes inspired by her own ACTUAL POETRY, which can be found Here. I thought that I might post it just as a means of keeping record of it because it represents a change in style that I might pursue at some time in the future. It is not quite as silly as most of my work, I think.

Or maybe it is.


In a grey world

The colour

Fading with every day

Of her absence

And wondering

In every way

How I might love her

And beg her

To stay

In this vacuum

With our breath

Taken away

By beauty

And the things

We can’t say

It may make more sense with reference to the inspiration


3 thoughts on “Take my breath

    1. Listen Kate …. out of the deep respect that I have always held for your mother I have tried to keep her name out of all this. God knows she endured enough of my nauseating poetry as a teenager, not to mention streams of correspondence foisted upon her in the early years of her marriage to the man you recall as your father. That she remains the focal point of it 50 years later may be more than her tender heart can take. It is best for her to remember me as having died (as I led her to believe) in Spain during the running of the bulls in 1973.

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