Spam Spam Spam Spam

I created this page with the idea of enjoying a certain degree of anonymity but I have become alarmed at the number of personal details that seemed to have escaped somehow from it. Evidence of this comes via heartfelt emails I receive regularly offering to solve the everyday issues of old age that I had, up until now, been suffering stoically in ignorance. Most mornings I open outlook to be greeted by several concerned individuals who specialise in conditions that I didn’t realise I had. These range from to the ringing in my ears to the toe fungus which must be obvious to everyone else but has, until now, skipped my attention. The correspondence relating to my erectile disjunction is dwindling and I can only conclude that it has been given up as a lost cause. Likewise the offers of marriage (and much, much more!) from attractive Russian ladies one third my age seem to have dried up. I can’t remember the last time I was contacted by the Nigerian Royal Family, either. I hope they are OK.

This morning I was lucky enough to receive advise on recharging used batteries. In view of the context of previous epistles I am wondering if I should be taking that literally or euphemistically.

Is it just me? Am I special?

But here’s the good news. I checked between my toes this morning (not as easy as it sounds) and found no sign of the fungus.

And that’s before the product has even been delivered!

13 thoughts on “Spam Spam Spam Spam

  1. Its amazing isn’t it what turns up in your inbox or in my case my spam folder….this morning was an offer for viagra at a price I had to open the email to find out.(I didn’t) How do they know I might be need of such a drug? This on top of emails suggesting the sender has the answer to making my penis the envy of every woman. As well as the myriad of emails from retailers far and wide offering me bargains I’d be crazy not to purchase (I don’t )
    I’m just pleased they all go to the same place, spam and then trash.

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  2. I’m so glad I found you on cranny site. Other than the toe fungus, I appreciate the difficulty in checking that.. I enjoyed this post! I used to have outlook address, not for years. My old yahoo one serves me well.

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  3. lol my spam used to be very lengthy gambling ones … now it’s changed to increase traffic to my website and making a fortune on line … the later probably links back to those initial ones! I’ve managed to resist so far but worry that they must strike pay dirt now and then …


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