Be Wayward with Me

Two challenges in two days. I’m on a roll!! But like most good rolls, it’s all downhill. This one from Sammi who asks for something of 77 words. One of those words has to be wayward.


Don’t think me wayward

I could

Be just misdirected

Sometimes suspected

Of worse

This verse

An attempt

At contrition


To a higher power?

Like a flower

So soon

In bloom


Like a rose

That knows

Of the thorn

Making one suspicious

Of the delicious

Poison in the tips

These swaying hips

A dance

A chance

To be played with

Decayed with




Can’t you see?

There’s a way

To be wayward

With me


Dance on My Grave

Let me further indulge my occasional morbid tendencies – though clearly I am not the only one going down that path, today. I am inspired (not for the first time) by Stoner. I particularly like her words ‘dry as a twig’, for some reason. Suddenly I can’t imagine anything ever being drier than that.



Look with love

From above

As I lay alone

Bits of old bone

In the dirt

No more hurt

No eulogy here

No fear

Of a ghost

I loved you most

As I died

And you cried

Showing me

That knowing me

Had been real

And making me feel

Loved at the end

But let’s not pretend

It’s the end, too

For you

So laugh once again

Remember me when

You’re not alone

A new love of your own

Sing a song

Say ‘so long’


Dance on my grave


Better unsaid. And perhaps unread.

I don’t really know what this one is about. Somebody else can decide.

I’m not much good at challenges, and this is no exception. But it tumbled out anyway. I blame these people


Let that world be

Just distant voices

Other choices

Other promises


Another life

Another wife

Words that cannot be unsaid

Let me now travel instead

To hidden places

Finding traces

Along the way

Of love

Here and there

And no words to say

Let me look from above

At your toes

At your hair

Are you there?

Do you care?

Let me be


And find

A key

To throw away


So that everyday we may







The view from the trapeze

After another absence (has anyone noticed?) here I am again with signs of my continued existence. As faint as the heartbeat may be.

I stumbled across something I must have written before and possibly even released to the public here. I can’t remember. Life is always a work in progress, and likewise my occasional words (though, in that regard, little real progress is ever made), and so I tinkered with this a bit here and there. And splashed some black paint around it.


God. i implore

stop keeping score

Your clown

can’t cope


at the circus

call me down

from the tightrope

Your fragile string

on which i dance

and sing

coloured spotlights

in the eyes

of Your dullard

the noise of the crowd

so loud

no chance

at all

to hear my cries

just let me fall

to the floor

to capsize

to think

no more

to drown

and no longer be

what You made

i’ve begged

i’ve prayed

to sink

release me

from Your trapeze

let peace be

an end to Your tease

let me fight

no more

let the light


let me trade

my life

for nothingness

endless grey



no rebirth

no pretending

goodbye. so to say

and come what may

with life on earth.