Just a picture of a cake.

For Cyranny’s one word challenge- enticing

A bit obscure, I’ll grant you. But she will know what I’m on about. This particular cake designed, of course, to be taken with a pinch of salt.

A picture’s worth

A phrase or two

A taste of me

A taste of you

A candle on the top

To say

We celebrate

Another day


It’s just a picture

Not a cake

It’s neither real

Nor a fake

Like a greeting card

I sent

Awkward words

With good intent


Let’s keep magic

In the air

Let’s laugh about

What isn’t there

Sweet and soft

And so enticing

A picture of the cake

We’re slicing.


Glamorous and Amorous

Look at you there

Blow-dried hair

You stop to pull your stockings up

The boys all stop and stare

Some they just want mothering

Or to see the bits you’re covering

Others maybe wondering

If they can make you care.


Me? I’m old and wiser

Emotionally a miser

I’ve seen what you are selling

And I know it isn’t real

But you are so very glamorous

And I so very amorous

Can we overlook reality?

Can we cut a deal?

Word of the day – Amorous

Bopper of a Copper

I owe most of these words to a friend of mine who wrote them 40 odd years ago and has probably forgotten about them. I am not sure how well I remember them either.

I’m a bopper of a copper

And I really dig the rhythm and blues

With my bright red socks

And my regulation blue suede shoes

My name is Jo-Jo Friday

And I’m always looking round for clues

You can see me chewing gum in the interview

After the news

I’m a cracker, not a hacker

A position I refuse to abuse.

Three things challenge …. shoes, chewing gum, cracker