Anyway ….

This is for Linda’s SOC Prompt brought to my attention (though not deliberately) by J-Dub. I’m not much good at responding to prompts, but thought I’d try ….. anyway. I didn’t try very long or very hard. In the spirit of the prompt it was the first thing to come into my head.


Anyway. There we were on this lifeboat about 300 miles off the coast of Madagascar. The sun was setting somewhere back towards where land should have been, the amount of it already submerged beneath the horizon being revealed accurately only from atop the summit of each passing swell. Soon all would be blackness illuminated only occasionally by the phosphorescent glow of breaking waves, and before long one of these waves, a cold angry giant from Antarctica, would capsize the lifeboat and cast us all into the depths. I wondered who of us would even bother trying to swim. Very few, I imagined. Certainly not me, anyway.


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