When we met – a tribute

Do you remember meeting eyes with another person and being instantly hypnotised? Do you remember that feeling tingling through your body when you get just a hint of realisation that that other person might be feeling the same?

We are not talking of love here, of course, nor is it lust. It is something equally powerful and overwhelming – but I haven’t really got a word for it.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? We’ve all had it a at least a few times in our lives. Don’t try to tell me that I’m the only one.

Anyway …. Sandra is doing a series on ‘when we met’ which I commend and I sort of wanted to dip my hat to her and maybe write a little song.

She is waiting for the music. I think she might wait a while – my attention span for things is getting worse.

But, as a work in progress, here it is.


From the very start
You had my heart
But I felt like such a fool
So eager to please
I was weak at the knees
And you were just so fucking cool
Did you see me stare?
At your disheveled hair?
Did you catch me looking at your feet?
Did you know?
From your head to your toe
You were the only girl I wanted to meet?
Did you understand?
It was nothing I had planned
But now that I would beg, or steal, or borrow
For just a brushing of your lips
For just a shudder of your hips
For just the chance. To dance. To be with you tomorrow


9 thoughts on “When we met – a tribute

  1. You were right my eyes misplaced a zero so I trashed the post, thanks for the heads up. Loved this song poem and it reminds me of first sight of my husband

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