Nudist Negotiations

It’s best, perhaps, that I give up on the poetry and leave it to the experts. Although, as I suggested yesterday, I’m not really sure who the experts are. And I’m not really sure if they are sure, either …..

Anyway …

For now I’ll just stick to silly verse. Nothing clever, nothing innovative, nothing complicated and …. well …. not a haiku (don’t get me started on that).

I saw a prompt this morning, here or was it here of the word ‘cold’. I don’t know if there were any other rules. I didn’t read that far. And, to be honest, it was the picture and not the word that put ideas into my head ….

Let us explore the great outdoor
Let us leave the world behind
Let us look where no-one’s looked before
And see what we can find

Oh, no, my dear. I can’t I fear
There’s nothing I can wear
Might our first stop be the dress shop?
Can we spend some money there?

Gee, ain’t that funny? I forgot my money!
But there’s nought we need to buy
No need to stress. No need to dress
There’ll be no passers by

You mean, go nude??? Don’t be so rude
Respect my modesty
For I will know what’s there on show
No matter who can see

Please, won’t you play? Let’s seize the day
Besides, it’s free admission
Come with me, where we’ll be free
To shed our inhibition

It might be nice. I like the price
But if I should be so bold
I’ll have no clothes, and without those
I’ll catch my death of cold

It will be fun. We’ll find some sun
I’m there to keep you warm
Under a tree, where I will be
Your shelter from the storm

The sun, you say? Perhaps I may
Be interested in that
I’ll take a chance and drop my pants
If you’ll at least buy me a hat

6 thoughts on “Nudist Negotiations

    1. That’s where we might run into translation issues. The thing that rhymes with sarong here is what, I think, you call a flip flop and in New Zealand it’s called a jandal. Nevertheless I will take it that you’ve accepted my offer with the proviso that I supply something for both the top of your head and the bottom of your feet.
      No problem.

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