The Military Parade

I’m not sure where this comes from. Just more idealistic pacifist bullshit, I suppose.

Is it just me, or do these ghastly displays of military hardware and rows and rows of robotically obedient marching adolescents make others sick to the stomach? Isn’t it about time we stopped comparing the sizes of each other’s dicks? Was Darwin wrong? Are we evolving at all?

Especially now when we witness one little boy’s ego throw the world into turmoil is it not time to simply say no?

Guns do not make us strong. They camouflage our weakness.



I will not raise my hand

in anger.

Or to hold up your ego

I will not be your fist

or your Frankenstein.

Nor hide my humanity

behind a flag or an anthem or a uniform.

For I have witnessed the birth of evil,

and will not nurture its offspring

nor speak it’s native tongue

nor follow it to foreign lands.

I will not sit at it’s table,

drink it’s wine

and share it’s breath.

For the taste of death

is the same in any language.







10 thoughts on “The Military Parade

  1. EwwwWeeee!! Shots fired!!! I love this! People are definitely changing over time but we are going back not forward! It just blows my mind that Russia is drafting men! This is just crazy along with other crazy things happening in this fucked up world! Very beautiful assessment you have here!


    1. Yeah. I don’t believe that taking up arms is excusable under any circumstances, but I concede that others may find such a view as impracticality idealistic. But it’s difficult to find any reasonable excuse for marching over someone else’s national border with gun in hand when that person poses absolutely no physical threat to you.
      Why is it that 95% of the world’s most pathetic wankers are male?

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  2. History has shown us when times are tough, people become fearful. Fear leads to hate and resentmant and hyper-vigilance. Dictators that feel insecure or unable to cope are more inclidned to invade other countries – in a desperate bid to secure their geopolitical borders or obtain access to ports and resources they may not have. I was reading a book that explained almost every inter-country conflict in geopolitical terms. Sounded plausible, unfortunately. The military parades appear to be all about postulating propaganda. Like the schoolyard bully – meant to intimidate but in reality – cowardly.

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