More bad poetry

Fresh from discussing bad poetry with a friend (there is a mountain of it out there) I add more of my own to that mountain in response to Sammi.

It’s bad (worse than normal, even) but it is 66 words, as required.


Wish you were here

So unclear

Where do we stand together?

One-night stand

I understand

Can it be forever?

You alone?

Should I phone?

Rather than a letter?

Is it too late

To communicate?

Will it make things better?

Wish I was there

But do you care?

Life is such a struggle

A brief affair

It’s truth or dare

So to you this note I smuggle


19 thoughts on “More bad poetry

  1. Great poem, and great graphic about the parts of a letter! 😀 They have something like that on the wall at the post office, but it’s parts of an addressed envelope!

    I love the reference to truth or dare! People should play that more often, in my opinion. While drinking.


      1. HA HA HA! Nude twister, oh my! 😀 Now there’s a poem! And the family that plays nude twister together stays together! 😀 I love rhyming twister with sister!

        Truth or dare would also make for a great poem! 😀 Oh, you know what else would be fun? Playing truth or dare with a lie detector stolen from the sheriff’s office. And yeah, with liquor too. Now that would be a real humdinger of a good time!


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