A Tiny Final Breath

Today’s ‘inspiration’ (do not make any assumptions about another ‘inspiration‘ tomorrow – such is highly unlikely) comes from Meg who reports to me that her cat murdered a mouse in her upstairs bedroom overnight (though the cat probably views it as more akin to a political assassination) and left her with the task of disposing of the body.

This was my helpful advise.


When a mouse’s systems fail

Take the rodent by the tail

Show respect for the deceased

Sadly farewell this tiny beast

Show regret. Display some tears

For final moments. Earthly fears

A final night of earthly cares

A final journey down the stairs

Out the door, towards the street

Such tiny hands. Such tiny feet

Towards the neighbour’s house, and hence

Throw the rat over the fence.

9 thoughts on “A Tiny Final Breath

  1. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Fabulous poem! Oh my goodness. It’s an honor to inspire such greatness! I guess Mr. Kitty should really take most of the credit here. I’ll let you know if my neighbor gets mad to see a dead mouse flying toward him over the fence! 😀


  2. In a further update a mouse has been discovered undeniably deceased on the road outside Meg’s house – the apparent victim of a hit and run …

    Such is fate
    Death has a date
    For us all, including your mouse
    We cannot pretend
    It won’t come in the end
    For one day we must all leave the house
    Your mouse had his dances
    Your mouse took his chances
    He emerged from a fight with your cat
    On the road heard a motor
    A battered Toyota
    He is now irreparably flat.

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