Our Happy Suicide

I have spoken before about the creeping suspicion that I am in the early throws of dementia. I forget an awful lot of things (I have a lot to remember, mind you) and I suspect that I might be a bit repetitious from time to time – rendering my present self even more boring than the previous one.

I opened up my computer today and the word processor asked me if I wanted to save or delete something. The fact is that I can’t remember even writing it. The words sound like mine and they are familiar, but I do not recall actually arranging them. The possibilities are as follows..

1. I wrote them for someone and forgot to send it to them

2. I wrote them for someone and sent it to them but forgot that I had done so

3. I wrote them and published them here

4. Both (2) and (3)

5. I wrote them in my sleep

All 5 options suggest a certain level of mental deterioration but I apologise for now repeating them if any of the first 4 options apply.


Our arms, our legs, our minds entwine

We dare to bare our souls divine

We take our poison with our wine

Dying slowly. Feeling fine

Slowly. Slowly. Little death

This final touch. This final breath

This final moment. Final kiss

We dive into the great abyss

We shed our skin. We cannot hide

Our love. Our happy suicide


3 thoughts on “Our Happy Suicide

  1. I like it!😍
    I forget things all the time. I think we’re all suffering from information overload. We’re constantly bombarded with trivial crap, and sensationalized “news”. I think we get forgetful as a form of mental self-preservation. 🤷🏼‍♀️


    1. I certainly hope it’s not all about rhyming, and I don’t think the suicide reference is about taking one’s own life. I think it is more about ‘giving’ one’s own life in a sort of sacrificial manner.
      The ‘little death’ reference is a nod to the French ‘La Petite Mort’ which is, in fact, a rather positive sensation as a result of entwining with another.

      I hope that renders it a little more palatable.

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