Midnight Sigh

I don’t get involved with many writing prompts these days. I don’t really get involved in anything much around here anymore. I choose, instead, to just lurk in the shadows. But during such a lurk I did stumble across a Tuesday Writing Prompt and, even though Wednesday had already began, I decided to write a few lines – mainly based on the fact that it was advertised as only requiring 5-10 minutes of effort (coincidentally approximating my maximum attention span).

I had to post something, anyway, just to show that, even though my own midnight beckons and I hear the beating hooves as the horseman approaches, there may be life in me yet (though possibly not much poetry).


And now behold
A story told
Another page has turned
The sun has set
Have no regret
Your God is unconcerned
Behold the sky
A midnight sigh
The cosmos takes a breath
The sun will rise
No compromise
Each birth must end in death


6 thoughts on “Midnight Sigh

  1. You are NOT old!! πŸ˜€ I promise!! πŸ™‚ I know this because I’ve used my keen skills of deduction to target your age, give or take one year, with 95% accuracy. Beautiful poem, very sad.


  2. wow absolutely love this pops!

    … you nailed it, exquisitely beautiful start to a real truth ending! Only when ppl stop avoiding this truth will they welcome a peaceful end …


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