More Guidance for Giggly Girls

A friend has sniffed romance in the air. I can’t talk about it. She’s afraid that I might curse it and undermine her whole future. But I wrote this for her this morning …. by way of wishing her luck.

Actually, it all springs from her use of the word ‘nascency’. I had to look that word up to find out what it meant. I have a very poor vocabulary.


I am walking in the park

There’s someone walking by

No one very special

Just an average kind of guy

I wonder if he’s talkative

I wonder if he’s shy

I wonder what he’d wonder

If I approached and just said hi


I wouldn’t call him short

But I wouldn’t call him tall

I wouldn’t call him anything

I don’t know him at all

I wonder if he’d stop and help

Were I to trip and fall

He might ask me for my number

Then I’d wonder if he’d call


There’s such a lot to wonder

I wonder if I’d dare

To pledge eternal love for him

And wonder if he’d care

My goodness! He just looked at me!

He saw me stop and stare

I think there’s something happening

There’s something in the air


The whole thing’s in its nascency

We haven’t spoken yet

I don’t know what might come of this

Or just how far we’ll get

It’s time to cast a spell on him

It’s time to cast my net

There can be no complacency 

There will be no regret.


9 thoughts on “More Guidance for Giggly Girls

  1. You’re such a considerate friend! Because I can totally see you hexing someone and ruining her life! 😀 So nice of you not to do that, and to write her a poem!! Lovely!


  2. Thanks, I learnt a new word. A brilliant poem that captures both the excitement, doubt and other emotions that come with the nascency of a relationship and meeting someone. As a giggly girl myself, that’s exactly everything that we wonder yes.

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