Life. For now.

Here’s something uncharacteristic from me.

Nothing sentimental, nothing sad, nothing confronting, nothing suggestive or rude. A little more boring than even is usual, in other words.

But I wrote it for Kate, based on her own heartfelt post which you should read, here, and also in response to a few difficult moments between her and I, during which she questioned the non ‘family friendly’ nature of some of my posts and responses (not, I confess, without some justification).

So it’s a very brief commentary on our current situation and it’s a message (I hope) that suggests that whilst everything might be different, it is still OK.

It’s life. We are humans. Life is what we do.


Life is never definite
It’s never a straight line
The planet’s catching Covid
But me, I’m doing fine
We’re all here in this tunnel
There’s light there at the end
No-one knows how far it is
But we can just pretend
That this is what is normal
This is how we go
Wash your hands and wear your mask
Don’t let your feelings show
I’ll see you on the other side
Whatever’s there to see
Life is just what life becomes
What will be will be


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