The Horrors of Isolation

This post is based upon recent experience. Upon returning from the US, I was forced into isolation for two weeks and, whilst there were certain aspects of the experience that phased me not a bit, there were others that were challenging. Kate posted a thing about masks featuring some cute puppy dogs. My response had very little to do with either. Sorry, Kate.


I wear a mask, my darling

To protect you from my breath

It’s Covid Nineteen, baby

And it could result in death

We bathe in separate bathrooms

We eat a separate meal

I don’t know how much longer

I can cope with this ordeal

I haven’t touched you sweetheart

We’ve not even shaken hands

I’m suffering so patiently

But no-one understands

You know me so well, cuddle-pie

You read me like a book

Do you think there’s any chance

I might just take a look?

I’ve lost all sense of feeling

As separately we dance

I’m lost for words, but may I ask

Could you please lose your pants?


53 thoughts on “The Horrors of Isolation

      1. Whatever. I’m not in a great space now and I find your accusation of disrespect highly offensive. I mean …. take another read … what did I say that was so repulsive? Grow up a bit, Kate.


      2. Speaking of Facebook, though …. I did have a sort of debate with a woman on that forum and she ended up accusing me of genocide (not only me, but my entire family were a part of this plot apparently. I kid you not) and eventually she blocked me for saying, essentially, “I think you may be mistaken”


      3. people are super fragile at this time with all the restrictions and uncertainty so they are lashing out … not pleasant but indicative of the angst!

        And next time you are feeling hurt please email me to have this discussion in a more private place!


      4. The accusations of genocide came well before COVID-19. Though I’m sure she has some ideas (insane ones) about that too.
        But honestly, I’m not fragile. Sometimes I get just a tiny bit touchy.


      5. I was referring her to being fragile with such weird ideas … you were definitely fragile yesterday so please don’t bother to deny it!

        anyone with such ideas is best avoided 🙂


      6. Ha ha! Well, I did take offence at being accused of disrespect, that’s true. The accusation of genocide I took a bit less seriously, to be honest. It was, for a few days there, quite amusing, in fact.

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      7. well I know your jet setting is hush hush … so if you’re not James B you must be up to no good … can see how she got there 😉 just joking!


      8. Can I use you as my punching bag for a bit longer? I spent the day, today, with my foster daughter who was raped by her father and bashed by her mother. I’m not really in the mood to be lectured about the concept of ‘family friendly’.


      9. But, to be honest with you, quarantine wasn’t too bad at all. I had a governmental dispensation such that I didn’t get stuck in some dreadful hotel, but Mrs Richmond banished me to the shed. The time passed very quickly, in fact.


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