A Response to the word ‘Zipless’

I stumbled across this word for the first time in many years this morning and could not help but respond to it.

Mr Nothing was eloquently expressing his view that those around him should cast aside their fears and show their hearts more willingly. It is a fine notion and based, no doubt, upon experience.

I’m not sure that Erica Jong was saying the same thing back in 1973 and I’m not about to try and describe just what she was saying either. You’ll have to read it for yourself. I highly recommend it.

I’m certainly sure that Mr Nothing was not attempting to inspire the carnal thoughts that came to me (or Ms Jong). But if one is to think of zips one cannot help but think of what they traditionally conceal (hint: it’s not hearts).

Anyway, my trite response is below.


There’s many ways

To find a heart

I hold mine

Lest it fall apart

There’s many ways

Of feeling love

Some down below

Some up above

Am I mistaken

Am I wrong?

Have you read

Erica Jong?

With ‘Fear of Flying’

Took her luck

Went searching for

‘The Zipless F..k


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