In the Forest

I am a recidivist thief. I borrowed an idea from Cheryl based on a challenge from Rachel and then (my greatest sin) stole words from Spike.

Have I no shame?


It is dark in the forest

When the fire burns out

There are noises in the trees

There are monsters all about

There’s a shaking in my knees

There’s a tingling on my skin

There’s a hole in my ear

Where the fear sneaks in


10 thoughts on “In the Forest

    1. Look above? Look above??
      When they look down on me?
      I can’t even find
      Quiet places to pee
      These people. They’re watching
      They won’t let me be
      I’m trapped. Isolation
      I’ve gone off my tree
      There’s stuff that is happening
      I look East. I look West
      It don’t look too good.

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      1. lol yes surveillance powers have increased massively, no privacy now …
        police have finally owned that they been using facial recognition from billions of images skimmed from social media for a good while now!
        hence I’m a simple sunflower 🙂


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