O. Obsessive? Compulsive?

Of course I am. What’s wrong with being obsessive? It just shows dedication (combined with mental illness) …. and to be compulsive is just to follow one’s instincts. Yes, your honour. Guilty as charged.

Laziness (L is for laziness, but I will Lie about that in a minute) is more difficult to defend. But, in my case, I would argue again, that it is instinctual.

Anyway …. with that in mind ….I might have suggested somewhere else that, with regard to this A to Z thing, I might just focus on the vowels. I have failed to deliver in that respect (L should have been for Liar) and suddenly, as of today, there’s only U to go (I owe U one). But as the second last vowel passed by I leaped upon the Ms Mathews bandwagon again. Maybe I’m obsessed with her ….

O. An obsession

I’m fishing. For her.

She’s not my possession

But I’m wishing she were

A pursuit. Not aggression.

She’s cute. Can’t you see?

But I make no impression

She’s not looking at me

Yet I speak. My confession

I’m weak at the knees

A humble expression

Of love

If you please.

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