I hope California’s Dreaming

Chelsea created another terrible poetry competition and I’m onboard again. Her theme this week concerns the turn of seasons. And haven’t we all felt a nasty change in the wind lately?

So far my poetry has been universally praised as being consistently dreadful but has fallen just short of the ‘inexcusably terrible’ benchmark that Chelsea sets. This is a further dive for the bottom of the barrel. I expect extra points deducted for the blatant theft of lyrics at the end.

It’s also an opportunity to give a little wave to all my Northern Hemisphere friends. Spring must seem a bit out of place up there at the moment but rest assured that whilst we might all be in isolation we are not isolated. We are in this together and the end of it will bring a new Spring for all of us. In the meantime I wish upon you nothing but beautiful dreams.


The mercury is falling

I hope it’s just a cold

Is it destiny that’s calling?

Or part of getting old?

Is it just a shiver?

Or might it be a curse?

That Autumn will deliver

Could Winter be much worse?

A month of isolation

Social distance getting broad

I’m here for the duration

Already getting bored

There’s bad news in the paper

The TV’s on the blink

I fear the isolator

Might turn this man to drink

My Mama and my Papa

They left here just in time

I cough. I sneeze. I splutter

Cut down in my prime

So all the sky is grey

And all the leaves are brown

There’s nothing left to say

There’s no one left in town


11 thoughts on “I hope California’s Dreaming

  1. California is dreaming of warmth. It sure doesnt feel like Spring in my corner if SoCal. It’s been raining all month and cold (for SoCal).

    I’m sorry to say that your poem isn’t terrible. In fact, it’s good.


    1. I have been visiting California on a fairly regular basis for the last 40 years. I have very warm memories. Sadly, the current situation has put a stop to such visits and that situation may, in my case, be permanent. But I can still dream.

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