Christmas Greetings From Oz

The day is almost done here, but still just awakening elsewhere – so I pass on my good will to all.

My own day didn’t go quite to plan when, at about 7 last night, my son rushed me to hospital.

The experience, as usual, has not been without its laughs.

Upon admitting me the nurse looked up at my son prior to jabbing a few needles in my bum and asking a few personal questions. He’s an ex professional sportsman and, with a massive frame (and beard) and a baseball cap looks a bit threatening. He doesn’t look a whole lot like me.

“Are you related to the patient?” she asked as she pulled down the back of my shorts.

“No,” he replied, dead-pan, “I’m just the Uber driver that brought him in.”

A little later in the evening, when things had gone down hill somewhat and I had changed colour dramatically and was writhing around on the bed mouthing obscenities, he took a photograph of me which he entitled ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Very Old Man’.

I elected not to include the photograph in this post.

23 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings From Oz

  1. Oh noooo!!!! Please get better soon!! Keep us posted!! So sad!!! Glad you had such a friendly Uber driver! 😀 I shouldn’t find that amusing, but it is funny!! Please get well soon!!

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  2. Oh goodness, I see your son has the same sense of humor you do! So sorry you’re in the hospital and I’m glad your son looks intimidating. Maybe that will keep them on their toes. So besides green and red jello cups, what other Christmas delights are you experiencing? Take care of yourself and Get well!

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  3. Oh Brutus! I do hope you are well soon and being taken special care of! You made me smile and I look forward to seeing that pic in a future post!🤪 🤞🏻Merry Christmas Brutus! 🙂


  4. oh my dear man. what a difficult way to spend Christmas, and I do hope you’re behaving yourself there…I’ve been through a couple of ‘let’s get you to the emergency room’ things myself, and it’s both restful and unsettling to find oneself being taken over by people half your age .

    Do get well quickly (and your son sounds like a good man to have handy in an emergency)…


  5. Oh sure … sure! I bet you just wanted sympathy and attention.

    Kidding! 😄

    I sincerely hope it’s nothing serious and you’ll be back on your feet tout de suite!


  6. There is no way I’ll ”like” this… But I sure hope there is nothing life threatening in the events that got you to the hospital. Get well soon, good Sir, and let me know if you’d accept to meet with me and Chéri when we’ll be in Oz in February. (I won’t mind if you prefer not to)


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