A quick musical interlude.

I’m always pushing Oz music.

I make no apology for that. It is close to my heart.

But even here very few people have heard of Vika Bull. And that fact is almost as amazing as she is.

Have a little listen, if you have time

14 thoughts on “A quick musical interlude.

  1. I have to say a big thank you! I have never seen Rockwiz videos before and found many I enjoyed. It’s great and I think seeing the performances in person would be fun. There is so much talent out there and since blogging I have the opportunity to see more of it…


      1. That was part of a slightly cynical album called ‘Beautiful’ which was a whole lot of soppy covers. It was released by K-Tel (to give you an idea). Strangely it sort of worked.


      2. It is so laid back I can barely make out the lyrics. Tried to look them up but get an entirely different song. Apparently it wasn’t in their top ten recordings? But hey, my iPad is not exactly a stereo either😳😄


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