A couple of final words.

Continuing my (relatively new) tradition of stealing ideas I couldn’t resist providing a few addition thoughts to Kate who’s own thoughts seem to be focussed on the final journey a bit lately.

The truth is that I haven’t (yet) received any bad news from the doctor, but it pays to have a few words prepared. These things can happen very quickly sometimes.


It’s time to bid you all farewell
I’m off to heaven. Could be hell
I’ve had my moment. Done my time
I’m old and battered. Past my prime
I’ll for the last time raise a smile
I’ll raise my glass and leave in style
I’ll for the last time kiss my wife
I’m done with living.

Loving. Life.

There’s no tomorrow . Nothing planned
I must be going. Shake my hand
Nought to do and nought to say
Adios. I’m on my way
Sayonara. Toodle-oo
I’m already missing you
But au revoir. I’ve heard the call.
Auf weidersehen.

I loved you all


14 thoughts on “A couple of final words.

  1. Great poem!! You should have a fake funeral while you’re still alive, and then jump out and surprise everyone with your still-alive status. Then report back. I can wait a few weeks for you to make the non-final arrangements!

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    1. Nor do I, actually. Treat people with respect when there’re around to appreciate it. Once they’re dead they don’t care how you treat them. They don’t care about anything.
      And if you haven’t showed respect for someone whilst they are living then it’s a bit pointless to do so when they’re not.

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