No more. I promise.

I began the day with the challenge of writing bad poetry. Now I can’t stop.

Kate writes very sweetly, and all about the purity of true love. So I grab the moral high ground and then desecrate it.


Love me. Love me. Love me do.

I’ll love you back. I’ll love you true

By spending every night with you

I’ll love you in the morning too

I’ll treat you special. Treat you nice

At other girls I won’t look twice

I’ll take you shopping. Pay the price.

For you will be my only vice.

Other boys will gawk and stare

I won’t be jealous. I won’t care

I will be with you everywhere

Lurking in your underwear.

13 thoughts on “No more. I promise.

  1. Ohhh!! If only you hadn’t given away upfront that this was bad poetry, the ending would’ve been so much more… lewd and unexpected! Still, though, this is really bad! Great job!!


      1. I decided to have a small blog with a few dedicated readers than a large one with a lot of people who hardly read what I write. I also started finding WP too demanding. It drained me and I found myself writing the kind of posts I hated. This new blog, on the other hand, allows me to write what I’m passionate about.


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