At the End of Winter

As usual, I have not posted anything for some time. This can be put down to fact (the sad reality) that I am old, boring and uninspired. Nevertheless I still feel a need to indicate that I draw breath and have not, just as yet, passed to the other side.

My habit is to make comment on the work of others, work about which I am frequently humbled and, just a little bit, intimidated.

My comments are frequently self-defensive and bordering on trite. I suspect that my lack of talent is equaled only by my lack of courage.

Anyway ….

I did write a response to a wonderful poem from my distant pal, Cyranny, but I am not sure that it works well, if it works a little bit, or if it is just bloody horrible. Cyranny herself cannot be relied upon to give an honest appraisal. Hers, clearly, is considerably better …. Here is what I am talking about

My own poem, I think, is about a girlfriend that I once had (‘once had’, I suppose, suggests a position of ‘ownership’ – nothing, I assure you, could be any further from the truth) who seemed to spend most of her life in a bikini. I can’t really remember what she looked like in winter. But she treated me (now that I think about it) with a fair degree of condescension for all 12 months of the year.

Here is what I wrote to Cyranny. Tell me if it is terrible and I will attempt a stylistic transformation before making further contributions.

At the other end of winter

When the path is clear

You appear.

In dreams

Little schemes

Tricks of the mind

I pretend to find


Melting in the snow

But I know

That you live only in summer

Sun on your skin

Safe within

Your world

Unfurled on your bed

Your head resting

Cynically testing

A love

I could betray

By looking away

This treasonous season

No reason

‘Tis my fate

To wait

And pretend

At the other end

Of winter.

11 thoughts on “At the End of Winter

  1. Thanks for a pretty picture, not the gross (in my lowly opinion as a woman) suits you see today, often without a beach in sight, but I digress, as I usually do. Love your poem and the honesty that always comes through when you write.


  2. Dear Brutus… I wish I could express how honored I am, everytime one of my little poems tickles your inspiration. I might seem a bit biased by now, but I get thrilled each time I read your ”replies”. I’d keep writing poetry just to be sure you did as well 😉 This ode to your bikini girlfriend totally works, and I am sorry I haven’t taken the time to thank you for it before… Life is really getting in the way these days, not meaning that I didn’t appreciate this little gem! xx


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