Life in the rear view mirror

I wrote something last night in response to something much better from Stella but decided to give it a little life of its own for no better reason than to show you kind people that I am still here (or that some of me is) and to acknowledge the reality that one day I won’t be.

At an intersection

On the highway

My reflection

In the mirror

Not unfamiliar


To something weird

I feared

In my dreams

But could not understand

Because nothing is planned

Or foretold

Of getting old

This consequence

Of being born

Suddenly torn

Between turning the page

Acting my age

Or pretending

It’s not ending

And driving on

Through red lights

And dark nights

To find at last

My own past

Coming back

To greet me

8 thoughts on “Life in the rear view mirror

    1. Thank you. I sort of like the idea of a circle in this context. A lot of my life seems to have been spent trying to keep pace with myself – perhaps I should have turned around years ago and taken the shorter route …

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