SoCs – cele

SoCS 3/3/19

The kid and the choirboy

Here’s something that they claim to combine. Celebration and Celibacy. What could possibly go wrong?

And who could imagine that a normal human being who commits themselves to such a life might be, in the first place, a bit strange? Or, after a few years in the gig, might be even a bit stranger?

So who could imagine that our own dear Cardinal Pell, who has done such a fine job of protecting the church from countless accusations of kiddy fiddling might be found guilty himself, of accidentally finding a choirboy’s penis in his mouth?

So I hope that he meets some good and like-minded friends in prison. With whom he can openly discuss such matters in the showers.

And where his supercilious superiority and arrogance might not count for much.

And where, at last, he might have to watch his own back.

8 thoughts on “SoCs – cele

  1. well said, sanctimonious pr..k! Pell not you … guessing that pedophiles are attracted to positions of authority where they have unlimited access to the vulnerable.
    I know several that joined in denial of their preferences … RC forbidden.


  2. The schadenfreude is certainly strong with this one … High time it led to some serious structural changes, though. After centuries of this, it is flabbergasting and depressing that anyone still feels this institution should be more or less left to police itself.


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