OK. I admit it. I don’t really know what the 7 reasons are. Although I would have to say, instinctively, that the idea has merit. I just put the photo there to get your attention.

Pathetic, really.

Because this is an attempt to post on a more than semi-regular basis. And is an attempt, I suppose, to share. But it is not a very good one because, once again I have lifted a passing comment that I made to someone else’s post and have dressed it up as an actual post of my own.

I was touched by Stoner’s description of sharing her bed with a sibling and it seemed to me that there is something very intimate and trusting about the idea. We are, as I suggested to her, never more open and vulnerable than when we are asleep.

That my own thoughts drift into a slightly more carnal direction is certainly not intended to detract from the sweet innocence of her own.

Though lonely nights

I’ve known a few

I shared last night

with someone new

We shared the pillow

shared our breath

We shared the moment.

Little death.

We lay together

side by side

We share what we

no longer hide

29 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Seven reasons could be:
    You save on buying pjs
    it distracts your partner from your snoring (wishful thinking maybe)
    Makes it easier to get to the toilet at 3am
    Cuts back on your clothes washing
    Makes you have a shower regularly.
    Increases the possibility of appearing attractive to your partner.
    Allows you to hang loose and who wouldn’t want to do that?

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    1. Yes …. though I can’t help think that Micheal’s suggestions (perhaps due to the accuracy of them) tend to detract a little from the eroticism of the imagery.
      The last thing I’m not always good at listening to the (naked) truth.

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      1. not at all, can’t you take honesty … you want me to lie and butter you up like everyone else … a daughter has to be straight with her father!


    1. Hey pal …. no comment required. Thanks for paying attention.
      I visited a museum in Santiago the day before yesterday that was built to draw attention to the atrocities of the previous regime. I had intended to write a post about it.
      I just can’t.
      Sometimes saying nothing says everything.


      1. Couldn’t agree more. When my grandpa passed away I had to travel for the funeral. And all the way I was writing in bullets his memories. Whatever I could remember as if it will be erased if I waited.
        Ended up with 6 pages that I could never expand or share with anyone. I have no idea why I did that.

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  2. Love the apparent simplicity of this poem, so beautifully written and posing the individual’s basic existential questions: loneliness vs. companionship, and time fleeting towards death:
    “We shared the moment.
    Little death.”
    I like how you treat nudity’s double meaning: physically naked as the picture shows, but nakedness is also conveying the inner truth of your soul.


    1. Thank you once again.
      Taking off your clothes is generally an easier and potentially less consequential act than taking off your armour, of course.
      And I can never resist the temptation to exhibit my poor schoolboy French (‘la petite mort’).


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