Everything is going to plan. Nano starts next week.


I have no idea why I inserted the picture above. The ridiculous nature of it appeals to me, to be sure (I wonder what body parts they may be thinking of ….. I wonder what body parts you are thinking of) but I stumbled upon it whilst searching for ideas. I am supposed to write 50,000 words next month. Ideas would be nice, about now. I’m desperate for ideas, actually, and the picture neatly illustrates that desperation.

So I could abbreviate (edit?) the opening line of this post. I have no idea why I inserted the picture above. I just have no idea.

But abbreviation is the furthest thing from my mind.

I want more words, not less.

So this is (another) appeal for spare ideas. Simple ones. Ideas that an old man tumbling head first into senility might still comprehend.

There’s no hurry. It doesn’t kick off until next week.

So anytime in the next hour or so would be fine.

14 thoughts on “Everything is going to plan. Nano starts next week.

  1. How about the storyline being the process of an old man tumbling head first into senility? Somehow I think you could make a very engaging story about this. (And I don’t mean that to be taken personally!)


    1. Hmmm …. I have long awaited the standards of beauty to change such that they included me.

      Actually I did have one idea which featured a character who was a model. Maybe I am subconsciously sending messages to myself.

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  2. take ten relatively simple words of your choosing, put them in a hat (or whatever passes for a hat): draw five of them out, and use those (loosely) as the theme/opening/whatever for your writing. The secret here is not to USE them to the point of pain, but to use them as a jumping off point.


  3. This is not at all helpful, but I believe I have actually visited the site (or a site) with said list of synonyms for parts of the body. I probably shouldn’t admit that. Oh well. Too late.

    And I’m going to refrain from telling you which body parts came to mind when I opened your post. I’ll let you use your imagination.


  4. I had loads of brilliant ideas which I know beyond any possible doubt would have each have sent you on an incredible writing journey.
    Unfortunately, more than an hour has passed since your appeal was made so my input would be sadly too late. I’m sorry, but it appears that all hope is lost.

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